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About Ūnomi

Ūnomi (originally under the name Blue Spot Health) was built on a platform created more than 12 years ago with the idea that each individual person deserves not only an understanding of their health, but an effective solution customized to their unique needs. Ūnomi was ahead of its time, disrupting the one-size-fits-all testing options available in the market, and providing a more nuanced view and solution to personal healthcare. Ūnomi developed a software that delivers quantifiable, personalized results and provides attainable and affordable wellness solutions using customized supplement blends and lifestyle recommendations.

Now, ūnomi is making at-home tests and supplement blends accessible to everyone interested in taking ownership of their health and improving their life. We’re here to change the way people think about their health needs by streamlining the discovery process and providing a proven, workable solution.

To date, we have run 77,000 panels and boast an eighty-five percent success rate with brain chemistry bio-markers moved to normal ranges. We have numbers like this because what we do works, and it works well. Because our testing and retesting procedure and supplement programs are so effective, the retention and duration rates of our clients are remarkable. Our proprietary, streamlined system and personalized supplement recommendations will change your life, and now it’s time we share the health with everyone.

An awakening is happening in personal healthcare. Join us.