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How It Works

Our therapeutic feedback loop: Get supplement recommendations, receive reminders guiding you through your supplement plan, re-test, get results, and repeat the process!

The science-backed path to your best self.

Our optimum wellness system identifies, measures, plans, supports, and monitors your personalized supplements and dosing.

What to Expect

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1. Select the test that fits your needs. Not sure which one is right for you? Take our self-test to find out.

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2. Follow the instructions for your specific test.

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3. Send your sample to our lab where your test results are personally reviewed by one of our ūnomi team of experts.

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4. When your results are ready to view you receive an email notification. Your test results are available to view privately and securely online along with your unique daily supplement plan recommendation.

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5. Retest to track your progress and see what other lifestyle tweaks, tests or recommended supplements might be needed to sustain optimum health and wellness levels.